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DIRECTIONS FROM 1-95 Massachusetts

After the Hampton Toll Booths take EXIT 3 ( Portsmouth Seacoast ).
Go RIGHT at the bottom of the ramp (33 EAST).
Stay on EAST until the end of the cemetery .
Take a RIGHT at the lights onto PEVERLY HILL ROAD.
Drive past the lafolla Plant on the right.

At the LIGHTS (Yoken's Restaurant and a gasoline station are on the left corner),
go STRAIGHT ACROSS the intersection.
Follow the winding road and take 1A NORTH (LEFT) (not 1A to Rye Beaches).
At the gas station on the right, take a RIGHT on 1B to New Castle.
A Marina is on the left and soon the Ice House is on the right ( just before the radar trap ).

The speed limit is 25 mph. Go over the green bridge. Wentworth-by-the-Sea
is on the left. Pass Great Island Common on the right .

Take 1B fork to the LEFT (Main Street). Pass the Town Hall, Church and Post Office.
(You are now approximately one block away.)
SLOW DOWN. My house is ON the CURVE straight ahead at intersection of
(Cranfield Street / Main Street / Shore Lane).

The house number is 58 Cranfield. It is a white house with black shutters and brick planters.
Go down the short road alongside my house.
Parking is on the left.

IF you should miss EXIT 3 or you are coming from MAINE, take another Portsmouth exit and ask anyone how to get to Strawbery Banke or Prescott Park on Marcy St.
Follow the Piscataqua River on your left along 1B to New Castle.
Pass the fish market. Go over the causeways.
There is a school on the left. My house is the 7th one on the left after
the school, at the sharp curve where Cranfield Street / Main Street / Shore Lane intersect.

Welcome to My Home Studio!

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