Bio of an Artist as a Young Girl .... and beyond


age 4 some early art work
age 6 First Grade My First Art Show

Years later after a business career and some art workshops......

Maddi & Mikey onThe Bounty
Maddi And Paintings
More Paintings
A Critique And a Kiss. I stumble upon a Whitney Watercolor Workshop.
Edgar Whitney, My Mentor from whom I learned the wet-in-wet method.
George Post -- Another Mentor



Three Artists
St Basil's Moscow
A New Friend in Old Warsaw
A Fellow Painter Czech Republic
A Turkish Nomad's Rug
Prayer Wheels Kathmandu
The Great Pyramids of Giza
Tut's Tomb
The Captain's Portrait
TheTaj Mahal

One Mahout

Apparition Hill Medjugorje


Women in Kenya
African Cuisine
Crossing The Equator
The South
Jazz Fest New Orleans
The Southwest



Remembering September 11, 2001

St. Paul's Church N.Y.C. November 30, 2001


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